What would Calgarians do with a million dollars?

Wow I had the craziest day in a long while. You know you’ve had a crazy day when you get 2 rides from 2 strangers in one night.

The day started out nice and warm- it felt like spring.

I sat in a local coffeeshop enjoying my green-tea latte, happy to have had a video for the day, and listening to this song by Labrinth featuring Emeli Sande while getting some work done: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqIxCtEveG8

You can imagine that I was in the zone.

Suddenly this familiar face approaches me. First of all, I am wondering, why is this man walking in my direction?

All of a sudden I realize it is the good friend of a good friend I made in Scotland.Ā  I had only known him through Facebook and he was in Switzerland the last time I checked which was when I was in Japan. He had just moved to Calgary two days ago and just happened to be passing by and saw me sitting in the coffeeshop. What were the chances of us being in the same place at the same time?

We started talking and instantly got along, and I invited him to a networking event I was attending later that night. After the networking event we wound up stuck in Dennys because our bus going to the train station had stopped running and the taxi lines weren’t going through. By this time it had started snowing crazily. A nice gentleman offered us a ride and with all the snow pouring and it being close to midnight, I don’t think we had much of a choice. He dropped us at the train station where I said bye to my friend. I was finally happy, yay, I was on my way home. However once I got off the train I found out my bus home from the train station had stopped running as well. Since the taxi phone number was still not going through I was pretty much stuck at the train station. Walking thirty minutes home was not an option given the buckets of snow pouring away outside and the time of the night it was.

So I approach this girl to try using her phone to call the cab. She ends up giving me a ride home.

And that’s how I got home – close to midnight and exhausted

But YES I did get a video before all this and here it is:

Julio and Noel were pretty cool. They are cousins- very friendly, fun loving, in love with life and themselves. I had a lot of fun interviewing them for all these reasons. You should check it out.


I am off to bed…

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5 thoughts on “What would Calgarians do with a million dollars?

  1. Yay! My first comment. Thank God for angels like the girl who gave you a ride. Getting a ride from a stranger when ur alone sounds really scary. All the same, girl, what are you doing out in crazy weather anyway? Pls be safe oh, there are many people counting on it ;). BTW, I like the name Julio a lot. It just rolls off the tongue.

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