And you thought extraterrestrial life was a hoax

Hi everyone,

Yay today makes one week of blogging and one week from the new year. How is it going with those resolutions?

My friend accused me of only talking to cute people and I guess today’s video proves her right, but really I don’t do it on purpose. Maybe there are too many good looking people in my city 😛

I met Jill and her son Jordan today at the Coop grocery store where I usually go to do my groceries for the month.

She is very passionate about fitness as you can probably tell because she is in great shape. You can immediately tell that Jordan is really intelligent. Our interview led to a conversation about the possibility of life on other planets, specifically Neptune.

Out of curiosity, I looked around to see what has been said about life on Neptune. Neptune does have lot of water on its surface and as we know water supports life. However, since Neptune is far from the sun, the water is really cold and frozen. What scientists don’t yet know is about the core of Neptune, many kilometres from its surface. Since the water at the core might be much warmer and possibly liquid, it just might be able to sustain life. However, nobody knows as yet.

Check out this article on the guardian about a possibly habitable planet.

We know of over a thousand planets and keep discovering more. Imagine if just one of them had liquid water and life began to form there…

What do you think about the possibility of extraterrestrial life? Take a guess and vote below.

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