What do introverts want the most?

This is Shola. I have seen him around at church but this is the first time we are actually having a long conversation. Happy to have made him as a new friend.

He is so funny. First of all he said he loved his space then he said the one thing that will make his life next to perfect is being better at connecting with others. Anyways that doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive because I am the same way. I love people but I also need some alone time to recharge. Apparently my personality type is the extroverted-introvert.

Are you an extrovert or an introvert and do you love your personality like Shola does? I love the fact that Shola loves his introvertedness because being an introvert myself I sometimes wish I was more extroverted and I am gradually learning to love myself in all my gentleness (when I feel like it) and outgoingness (when I feel like it as well).

While on the power of introverts, check out this talk by Susan Cain. Introverts often feel left out in a world where extroversion is prized, however we are the creatives and visionaries. So regardless of your personality type, remember that you have a lot to offer.

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6 thoughts on “What do introverts want the most?

  1. Lol @ Sola’s interview, home is where the heart is….
    Really love the idea of this vlog. And funny thing, i’m reading Susan Cain’s “Quiet” right now.

      • I got it while i was travelling during the holiday. I can’t say where you can find it now, but i guess Amazon should have it…. amazon.ca

      • Oh! x_x How did i make that mistake? lol
        Its been nice so far. I’m not done with it yet. But i’ll say her objective is to challenge the mindset that its only by being an extrovert, being outgoing that you can be successful, as can be seen in different arms of society: schools (where group work is encouraged over individual work) and in companies too.
        She also discusses the successful people she knows who are introverts and are excelling in their fields none the less.
        Would say its a good book for both introverts and extroverts. Should change our mindsets a little. 🙂

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