What’s running through a Salvation Army volunteer’s mind at the mall?

One of my two key words this year is ‘mindfulness’.

Mindfulness is simply being fully present everywhere I am. Its interesting that so far everyone I have asked where they would like to be always says somewhere else that’s far away.

A good challenge would be to make anywhere we currently are where we want to be and to create every experience we may go looking for in another city. Obviously I can’t bring my loved ones all over the world to Calgary but maybe I can put in the positive energy I dispense when I visit other cities into my present city.

When I travel it seems that exciting things happen to me because I am excited to be travelling. Its amazing the opportunities that appear when we actually begin to look for them- or even create them.

So for me part of being mindful is being excited about where I am right now, exploring it more and connecting more with diverse people in the area.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with the funniest interview yet. This was when I decided to test out the interview idea while in Ontario. I laughed so much. Greg sure does love his women.

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