From China to Canada : A mother’s love for her daughter

I met Lillian and Riane today at a cafe near my house. Lillian struck me as someone who is happy and content with where she is in life right now. She is originally from China and yay we finally have someone who actually loves living where they currently live. I fell in love with Riane’s wide smile. Of all the things she likes about herself, Lillian loves her eyes the most. She loves all the opportunities living in Canada has afforded her and has lived in Calgary for ten years. Lillian obviously has so much love for her daughter. Lillian says she is most passionate about Riane and that she wouldn’t mind the world ending any time since she has had most of her wishes come true. I would like to be able to say that one day!

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3 thoughts on “From China to Canada : A mother’s love for her daughter

  1. I like how she’s so open to say her passion is her daughter, and it looks like Riane knows it too. So many kids have no idea how precious they are, whether to their parents or someone in their life.

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